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Steven Cohen - Photographer

            Steven Cohen - Photographer

Cone Walden Studios presents a rare collection of signed limited edition photographic prints by photographer Steven Cohen.

A little history on Steven –

After borrowing a camera from a friend, Steven fell in love with photography at the age of seventeen. The camera became the hammer and life became the nail.

There’s something magical and whimsical about taking a picture and capturing that moment in time to tell a story (Steven Cohen)

Like Monet and Rembrandt, Steven paints with light through the camera lens capturing images in a way that stimulates one’s imagination.

There can be one hundred people looking at the same scene and Steven will always see things differently, that’s the uniqueness of Steven’s talents.

When it comes to photography, lighting and composition are key (Steven Cohen)

Steven attended a well known photography school where he took photography to the next level and also attended a well known film school where he learned filmmaking.

As time went on, Steven developed a collection of unique landscape photographs that brings joy to everyone that views them.

Steven’s work is now available for purchase online as signed limited edition photographic prints.

Only a limited amount of his prints are being made and once they are all sold out, that’s it. Steven’s collection will be closed.

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